A New Tradition Begins...

This year we begin a new tradition of TEAMS within our University Program.  Our Family Motto is "Thriving Not Merely Surviving" ; therefore, our team names translate as "To Thrive."  We also embrace a diverse culture in our program, so our teams represent North America, South America/Europe, Asia, and Africa.  E ULU is our Hawaiian team.  Umunlad is our Filipino team.  Brilla is our Spanish team.  Kustawi is our African team.

Teams will earn points throughout the year for attendance, academics, participation, and various challenges.  Each grading period teams will be rewarded for first place.  At the end of the year, the winning team will earn a special graduation pin to be worn upon graduation from high school. 

Current Points for Each Team



E Ulu






Seniors who met with Dr. DeVillier at McNeese on 9-11 and 9-12 earned points for their team.

Next point opportunities come during RTI with our upcoming House of Cards Challenge...Good luck, teams!

CPSB University Program

Contact: Dr. Doug Devillier