University Program Staff

Dr. Doug DeVillier
University Program Administrator
Years of Experience in Education:  25 years
Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English; Masters Degree in Administration; Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership
Current Position:  Administrator for the University Program
I  am proud to say that I have been a part of our district's University Program since its inception.  I love working with our teachers, students, and parents in order to provide the best educational experience for our students that prepares them for success beyond our program.

Mrs. Willis

Education:  Bachelor in English

Department:  Languages

English is a fun subject. We learn how powerful words can be, we learn how to express ourselves in an articulate way, and we learn that literature is psychology in action.

Mrs. Chafin

Education:  Bachelor in Computer Science; Master in Teacher Leadership

Department:  Math

I believe that all children can learn given the proper opportunity and care.  I believe the U Program provides both of these things for our students to excel and prepare for their future.

Mrs. Becton

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business, Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Math

Department:  Math

I believe that "If you are not part of the solution, then you a part of the problem." We can not complain about education if we are not working to educate. I'm excited about working with the U Program as I see this as a new way to stretch my thinking and teaching skills as well as reach new students.

Ms. Marrero

Education:  Bachelor in Biology; Master in Art of Teaching

Department:  Science

I am so excited for the opportunity to teach in the U program. I hope to bring my passion to life in my classroom and inspire my students to become future science leaders here in Southwest Louisiana.

Ms. Thorne

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education (Health and Human Performance & Social Studies)

Department:  Social Sciences

I know that I am living out my purpose teaching.  I am grateful to be able to teach in the University Program where I am able to  help students not only be prepared to face the world with academic knowledge, but also to prepare them for their real life future.

Mr. Lee

Education:  Bachelor in English; Master in Teaching

Department:  Languages

Thinking critically and communicating clearly are the hallmarks of success. My goal is to foster these skills

in my students.

Mrs. Jacobson

Education:  Bachelor and Master in Math

Department:  Math

All students need a safe educational environment where they feel confident in their own thoughts and ideas. It is my desire to have this type of atmosphere for my students so they can live to their fullest potential.

Mrs. Thorn

Education:  Bachelor in History and Master in Teaching

Department:  Social Sciences

I want to teach students to make connections between the world that exists around them and what they are learning in class.  I like that the U program prepares students for college-level classes.

Mr. Hefner

Education: Bachelor's in History, Master's in US History

Department:  Social Sciences

I strive for my students to be able to comprehend the intricacies of human patterns and motivations so they may better determine their place in this world. My goal is not just to prepare them for college, but to facilitate them becoming leaders and difference makers in their communities. 

Mrs. Goitia

Education: Master in Art of Teaching

Department:  Languages

One of my greatest passions is to teach my native language and motivate my students so they can be bilingual. When a person speaks two or more language they have more work opportunities than a person who only speaks one.

Mrs. Perron

Education: Bachelor's In Marketing, Master's in Teaching

Department:  Science

Being an educator is what I love.  Interacting with students every day, pushing them to reach their goals, and seeing them succeed beyond what they thought was possible brings me so much joy.  My goal is to prepare my students to be successful in college, and for them to have an appreciation and understand of the world around them.  

CPSB University Program

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